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Offended enough to kill


Muslims have a very low threshold of what’s a death-penalty offense. If they’re offended that you draw a picture of the Prophet Mohammed, some Muslims will kill you. Or try. That’s what happened in Garland, Texas the other day. Both Muslim militants will killed by police.

I liked comedian Evan Sayet’s tweet, “My favorite drawings at the Muhammad cartoon festival in Texas were the two chalk outlines out front.”

Predictably, the leftist media attacked the American Freedom Defense Initiative, the sponsor of the Mohammed art contest in Garland, Texas, for provoking Muslims. Even Donald Trump attacked them. Iowahawkblog described the media’s race to kowtow to murderous Muslims: “Another brave columnist stands up and firmly begs to be killed last”.

I think the cringing “liberal” media is misguided, as usual. The object lesson to be drawn from the Charlie Hebdo and the Garland Texas attacks is not to be kind to easily-offended, murderous Muslims’ sensitivities. Muslims must learn to adapt to Western democracy, where freedom of speech is enshrined as the First Amendment right in the Constitution of the United States. Drawing Mohammed is protected speech. The fact that Muslims find it offensive enough to kill for is completely irrelevant. Instead, in order to draw attention to Muslims’ bad behavior and refusal to adapt to a democratic society, Americans must draw Mohammed even more. Because to submit to Muslim demands that Americans follow sharia law and NOT draw Mohammed, means that Americans submit to Islam and Islamic law. Americans become “dhimmis,” subjects of an Islamic state.

This must not be allowed to happen, if America is to survive as a nation. Therefore, we must all draw Mohammed even more, and be willing to defend ourselves with extreme prejudice when Muslims attempt to kill us.

Here are many pictures of Mohammed throughout history. The Koran does not forbid the depiction of Mohammed, and Muslims did not object to such depictions until the 1700s at the earliest. So for more than a thousand years, it was just fine to draw Mohammed. Lately, however, militant Muslims say it’s not.

I hope people keep putting on “Draw Mohammed” contests in public, so that murderous Muslims will attack, and so that the murderous Muslims can be destroyed. If Muslims wish to make good on their threats of violence, it is only right that freedom-loving people should respond with even greater violence in the defense of liberty. No one should be intimidated by Muslims. Muslims are afraid of freedom. Muslims should also be afraid of well-armed, freedom-loving people. If Muslims seek martyrdom by attacking others, everyone should join forces and help them achieve it.

Every day is “Draw Mohammed” Day.

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