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Another day, another death


Darling wife is depressed. Several people she knows have died in the past six months. Some of them were felled by disease, other simply by old age. But the drip, drip, drip of the tears of loss is taking its toll on darling wife.

The latest one was an acquaintance that darling wife knew through work. Acquaintance had been a heavy smoker for many years. Eventually she developed lung cancer, but her mechanic did not catch it, and it metastasized to her spine. Bone cancer is extremely painful. Her back hurt for more than a year before her mechanic finally diagnosed the cancer. By then it was far too late, and she had an estimated three months to live.

That was two months ago. She went into hospice last week, and stayed four days until she died, insensible from the many painkillers they were giving her.

Was her mechanic incompetent? Probably. Did it turn out all right in the end? Probably. Because I have seen several people whose cancer was caught early, and they suffered through years of chemotherapy and radiation only to die anyway. The treatment was often as bad as the disease, from what I saw. They suffered greatly most of the time. I would rather suffer a little and go quickly, than suffer roughly the same amount but extended over a longer period of time. And ultimately, it seems like a huge waste of time, effort and money to fight a terminal disease which will triumph over your best efforts to survive. Better to spend the time you have with the people you love, and save the money to give to them. After all, you won’t need it anymore.

Just enough time to say goodbye, is all I need. And perhaps not even that. It’s not like I have many people to say goodbye to. Will I see them on the other side? I don’t know. Numerous reports of Near Death Experiences indicate the presence of other planes of existence. You leave this one, you go to another. You will probably meet them again there, because energy is indestructible. But one thing that most NDE reports agree on is, at the moment you depart, you are suffused with a sense of relief. That things are all right, that everything will be okay, and that your cares and concerns really don’t matter at all anymore.

It’s that sense of relief that I look forward to most of all.

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    2015-04-23T18:00:22-04:00 18:00

    I don’t know if you’ll agree, disagree, like, dislike, love me or hate me for it… But every since my dad died, I have been searching for something to tell me he is alright. Landed on Abraham Hicks teachings last September and they are about the law of attraction. They are the basis to the famous book “the Secret”. I am fascinated with what they bring to the table. They state that what we call the death process is non-existent as when you go back to non physical, it is all about love and relief. Can’t wait!


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