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Mistaken for another


On a shuttlebus, two women said hello to me as if they knew me. My body’s phenotype was chosen for this mission on this planet because it is nondescript; it is good camouflage. So it’s not uncommon for me to be mistaken for other people.

I searched my memories but I did not know these people. But I was polite, and acted as if I remembered them. We had a nice chat about nothing in particular, during the short trip to our destination.

Darling wife asked me why I didn’t ask them how we supposedly knew each other. I replied that I didn’t care. If it pleased them to think that they knew me, I was happy to oblige. Darling wife thought my answer was strange. I thought it was strange that she would think it was strange. Why would I call attention to my camouflage by telling people that it was working? Better to let them think whatever they want to think.

Onward and upward.

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