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She saw several UFOs


I recently had a conversation with someone on the airplane. I think that is the first conversation I have had in four, perhaps five years. Airplane time is quiet time for me. I have to focus on shutting out the thoughts of all the people trapped in that metal tube with me, and it precludes conversation. Plus I always need to plan my escape in the event of a crash. But the woman next to me was terrified by the turbulence, and she needed someone to talk to. So I let her talk.

Apparently she needed to talk about Unidentified Flying Objects. She had seen some recently, and she had told some of her friends about them. Her friends told her she must have been mistaken, and it rankled her. I commiserated with her. Few things are more irritating than for someone to tell you that you didn’t see something, when that someone wasn’t there and has no idea what actually happened. So I listened to her experience, which she described in detail – she was a good observer. I validated her experience, telling her some of what is common UFO knowledge among humans, but not giving away any Imperial secrets.

She appreciated it the information. I think I was the first person who believed her story. I didn’t tell her why I believed her, because I didn’t want to frighten her. For her, acknowledgement was enough, so that’s what I gave her.

Will she investigate further? Probably not. Her quiet suburban life wouldn’t leave much room for the unknown. But at least she felt better about it.

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