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A nice birthday gift


It’s easy for our circle of friends to buy birthday gifts for each other. Ammunition is always a favorite. So I’m giving ammunition to a friend at her birthday dinner tonight. Maybe I’ll give her some of the newly-coveted M855 green-tip armor-piercing 5.56×45 mm ammunition, which Dear Leader said he was going to ban. (Update: After Congress threatened to cut the BATFE’s regulatory authority back to 1986 levels, the BATFE wisely decided that it would not enforce such a ban at this time. Especially since the Fraternal Order of Police union said such a ban was unnecessary, since the cartridge is seldom used in a crime, especially against police officers.)

You never know when ammunition will come in handy. Or when it might be banned on a whim simply because some moron decides it’s evil. So it’s always good to have plenty of it lying around. And it always makes an excellent gift.

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