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A six-month suspension???


NBC announced that it is suspending Brian Williams for six months without pay. Six months? Is that all? Why not termination?

Some people think that Williams’ suspension is basically the same thing as termination. Lester Holt and others will substitute for Williams on the NBC Nightly News for the next six months, which will give NBC time to try out Williams’ inevitable replacement. When the six months are up (if not before then), NBC will announce that the substitution will be permanent. Meanwhile, Williams will either resign on his own, or will be pushed off into other duties, from which he will resign eventually.

I think he will follow the path of other failed Western journalists, and wind up at Al JazeeraRussia Today, or Al Gore’s Current TV (now owned by Al Jazeera). like other failed journalists such as Soledad O’Brien (CNN), Cenk Uygur (MSNBC) and Keith Olbermann (MSNBC).

Meanwhile, for the next six months, Williams lose about $5 million in salary. That means he may have to cut back a little. Maybe fire a pool boy, or have maid service come only three times a week instead of every day. And at least he’ll save money on limousine service and/or helicopter rides (a la Matt Lauer) to and from work. Oops, silly me – NBC pays for those. Well, NBC will save money then.

Williams’ suspension won’t affect me. I don’t watch NBC news anyway. But hopefully it will frighten other on-air personalities into walking a straighter, narrower line.

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