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Fire Brian Williams


NBC newsreader (a.k.a “anchor” and “serial fabulist” and “pathological liar”) Brian Williams finally got caught lying about his experiences in places like Iraq and New Orleans. He’s been doing it for decades. Thanks to military personnel, the “Stars and Stripes” military newspaper, and the Internet, now he’s finally being held to account for his misdeeds.

I stopped watching the national nightly news programs three decades ago because of their incessant bias against the foundations of society (patriotism, religion, marriage, firearms, freedom, and so on). So I have never actually watched Brian Williams except when flipping past NBC to something worth watching. But apparently some 8 million elderly viewers still watch him, and they are justifiably angry about his penchant for making things up. It’s extremely inappropriate and unprofessional for a so-called “journalist” to make things up, much less to tell and retell those stories over and over again.

For that, Williams should be fired. Come to think of it, most NBC “on-air personalities” should be fired. Idiots like Chuck Todd, Andrea Mitchell, Mika Brzezinski, Matt Lauer, Nancy Snyderman, and Chris “Tingles” Matthews spring immediately to mind. They all lie, mostly to further the interests of the Democrat Party. That is, when they’re not trying to further their own interests.

Brian Williams is just the tip of the rotten iceberg. Fire Williams, and then we’ll start working down the list.

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