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Nanny Bloomberg promotes racist gun control


Here’s something you’ll probably never hear from the liberal media – Democrat billionaire and ex-NYC-mayor Michael Bloomberg proposed new gun control laws to prevent young black men from owning guns.

It may seem shocking today to propose such a thing, but gun control was originally conceived and pursued as a racist policy to keep black people disarmed and helpless. In the United States, the state of Virginia passed a law in 1640 exempting slaves from military service, because they should not be armed. A later Virginia law in 1680 made it illegal for negroes to possess any kind of a weapon. Most other slave states passed similar laws. The political forces which would eventually become the Democrat Party kept pushing gun control against blacks throughout the 1700s, 1800s and 1900s, particularly via the Ku Klux Klan, which was the paramilitary enforcement wing of the Democrat Party. Indeed, today the Democrats keep pushing gun control no matter how badly it earns them a beating in elections.

But they do it with the help and support of the legacy media, which acts as the propaganda wing of the Democrat Party. So when a big-name Democrat like Bloomberg says something that by today’s standards is outrageously racist, you won’t hear much about it from the legacy media. And if you DO hear anything about it, it will be in defense of such racism.

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