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“Frequencies” (2013)


I watched an interesting British film on Hulu called “Frequencies.” Genius children go to a special school where they’re sorted by frequency (vibration), then grouped into several cohorts of low, average and high frequency. The low-frequency children are unlucky, while the high-frequency ones are very lucky, but unfortunately they don’t really have any feelings. Low-frequency boy falls in love with high-frequency girl, and it gets complicated from there.

It was interesting to watch the girl talk about how she doesn’t have any feelings, she just pretends. She smiles at people but she doesn’t mean it. We aliens are that way too. We have feelings, but we usually ignore them. Logic rules, while feelings are only a distraction.

People here at my current client are very nice. They’re warm and welcoming. They like to talk to me. I’m happy to talk to them, because it’s part of my job. They express sadness that I’m leaving soon. I pretend to express sadness also, and I pretend to smile. But I don’t feel it.

At least not that I know of.

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