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We lost a vacation spot


Since we moved to the jungle years ago, we lost our vacation spot. The jungle IS our vacation spot. Now that we live here, we don’t have any place to go on our vacation. So we usually staycation instead, or people come to visit us, which is nice because we get to see them without having to go anywhere.

This past year we visited friends in an ancient fishing village in New England, and stayed with them for a few days in their centuries-old house on the water. It is cute and quaint and everything is out-of-plumb, except for the renovated upstairs and the kitchen and the added-on dining room. Darling wife fell in love with the place, and has been making plans to go visit our friends again there.

Imagine her disappointment when our friends announced today that they’re going to sell it. They’re elderly and they can’t manage the stairs anymore, nor do they have a boat anymore, or even a floating dock for a boat. So there’s really no point in keeping that house. They have other houses, and they can sell that one for a lot of money. I can’t find any flaws in their logic. Darling wife can, of course, but all the flaws revolve around her desire to stay there again.

As soon as we found a vacation spot, we lose it. That’s just how it goes. It doesn’t matter to me; I hate vacation anyway. And losing that vacation spot gives darling wife something to do, looking for another.

  1. 2015-02-03T22:23:04+00:00 22:23

    How is adjusting to life in a more rural/tropical enviroment? Is it nice and peaceful?


    • 2015-02-04T12:30:54+00:00 12:30

      Mmmmm yes and no. Yes because nine months out of the year, there are no sirens or traffic jams, and the loudest sound is either a lawnmower or the screaming of eagles fighting over a fish. Three months out of the year when the northern tourists come for their vacation, it’s a madhouse. We don’t go out in the daytime, we eat at home, and we basically wait for the tourists to leave. Then we have the jungle to ourselves again.


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