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Another staycation


One of the perks of my job is plenty of vacation. Except that I hate vacation. For me, work is fun. I travel for work. When I have time off, the last thing I want to do is travel some more. I have already seen a lot of this planet. I’m not especially enthused about it, because it’s not Mars. So seeing more of Earth is not a priority for me.

I have some more vacation to burn, coming up in the next few weeks. As we do more often than not, we will stay home and work on the things that I don’t work on when I travel. Darling wife will probably complain that we’re not traveling. But she usually gets sick, or can’t sleep, or has some other issues when we travel. So I’m just fine not traveling. We’ll sleep better and stay healthier that way.

I will take some of my weapons to the range and wring them out. It’s been awhile so I need the practice, and they need the exercise. I will take some of my local friends with me and we will shred targets together. Goodness knows they need the practice too.

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