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Follow orders and you’ll probably live, part 3


How hilarious – racist Charles Blow of The New York Times somehow, accidentally, completely failed to mention that the Yale policeman who stopped Blow’s son Tahj . . . was also black, just like Tahj. And also just like the suspect, who was later caught. The policeman stopped Tahj because Tahj fit witnesses’ description of the burglar. When the burglar was finally caught, he fit the description of the suspect too. He was a black man.

It’s also funny how Blow wouldn’t respond to questions about why he failed to mention that the Yale police officer was black. It ruins the whole “racist cop” premise that Blow is trying to promote.

Racists are pathetic. Especially black racists like Blow. Blow wants you to be indignant about Tahj being stopped by a policeman. Instead, you should commend Tahj for following the orders of the policeman. It’s why Tahj is still breathing.

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