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The first time I held her and she DIDN’T scream


A distant relative in her larval phase (two clone models sideways and three revisions newer) has not adapted well to my alienness. I usually keep my distance from her to prevent her screaming in terror. But I met her again recently and decided to try something new. I stood motionless and ignored her. 

She came over to me. I continued to ignore her.

She stared at me. I continued to ignore her. I was actually doing quite well at it.

She held up her spindly tentacles to me. She’s never done that before. In fact, she’s never indicated any interest in being close to me before. That’s why I’ve always stayed away from her. Plus she smells funny.

I leaned down and gingerly picked her up. I brought her in close and let her snuggle in the rest of the way. We stood there a long moment while she relaxed into me.

Then she squirmed slightly, which was my cue to quickly put her down again before the screaming started. She turned and ran away.

I see, I thought to myself. Use the same approach to this one as you would with a cat. Pick it up and hold it for a moment, and put it down when it squirms. At her phase of development, she has roughly the same level of intelligence as a cat, so that makes sense.

We’ll see if it takes longer for her to squirm, next time. And next time, I will bring a wipe.



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