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I’m ignoring Obama’s State Of The Union address again


I’m not going to bother watching Dear Leader’s State Of The Union Address tonight. I’ve ignored it every year that he has been President. He has nothing useful or constructive to say. His messages are always the same, and most people know them to be false:

  • Americans are racist
  • Black people are victims
  • America is imperialist and owes the world an apology for its successes
  • Islamic terrorism isn’t Islamic or terrorism, and if you disagree then you suffer from Islamophobia
  • Illegal aliens have a right to immigrate illegally
  • Income inequality causes poverty
  • There isn’t enough “revenue” to pay for more wealth distribution so taxes must be increased
  • The IRS didn’t target anyone, and their funds are being cut unfairly
  • Obamacare is a roaring success
  • Cheap oil is bad, expensive solar and wind power is good
  • Republicans are the evil party of “no” because they won’t “compromise”
  • Voter suppression and gerrymandering by Republicans caused the Democrats’ stunning loss in the 2014 elections
  • The continuing stagnation of the economy is George W. Bush’s fault
  • Bigger government and more government deficit spending will help the economy

There. All summed up. You can watch something else tonight.

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