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Harry Reid’s injuries aren’t nearly serious enough


Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) has blocked most legislation in the US Senate for years, in an effort to provide support for Dear Leader Obama’s Communist policies and to provide cover for Senate Democrats by preventing votes that would illustrate their support for Obama’s Communist policies and which would in turn anger their constituents. The resulting “gridlock” is bemoaned by the Communist media, which predictably blames it on everyone EXCEPT Reid and the Democrats in the Senate.

So when Reid suffered an “accident” in his home on New Year’s Day (allegedly caused by an elastic exercise band which broke), I thought that he deserved every bit of those injuries, and more. To me and to many other people, those injuries look far worse than a simple accident. They look like the result of a serious, purposeful beating. A beating Reid richly deserves for working overtime to subvert the Constitutionally-designed workings of the legislative branch of government. Remember when US Representative Preston Brooks (D-SC) beat US Senator Charles Sumner (R-MA) savagely on the Senate floor in 1856 with a metal-headed cane? Brooks, a pro-slavery Democrat (as most Democrats were then and still are today through their support of welfare and gun control which are both designed to keep blacks helpless and dependent), violently attacked the anti-slavery Sumner for Sumner’s mockery of other Democrat Senators who were pushing to admit Kansas to the Union as a slave state. Brooks’ beating of Sumner is a good example of the violent, racist tendencies of Democrats – if they don’t get what they want, they resort to violence.

Perhaps Reid’s attackers were Democrats like him. It would be interesting to speculate on why they beat him. Perhaps he owes them money. Perhaps he molested one of their family members. Perhaps he’s not doing enough to keep the legislature in gridlock so that Obama can attempt to rule by executive fiat.

Maybe Reid’s attackers will return to work him over again. Maybe they’ll bring knives next time. That would be interesting.

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