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That’s a first


Most projects have a target completion date. Everyone on the project works toward that date.

Sometimes the project leadership changes the date. Sometimes they move it sooner. Usually they postpone it instead. But either way, when they change the date, they set a new date. If it’s postponed, it usually has a mixed effect of demoralizing the user base (who become less likely to believe the new target date) and of encouraging the project team (who now have more time to get the work done, and done correctly).

Except on this project. The project leadership accidentally let slip that the target completion date has not just been revised, it has been removed completely. (At least I think it was an accident. There’s been no particular display of competency on the part of management here that would make me think that they deliberately do such dumb things.)

There is no target completion date for the project now. That’s a first, for me, in  decades of doing this kind of work.

I think not having a target completion date at all is more demoralizing than having a postponed date. It shows a lack of management commitment to the project, and a lack of project team urgency in getting the work done. But that’s just my opinion. My workload and target completion dates happen to be unchanged. And I get paid the same. And most importantly, I get to leave when it’s over. Most of these poor souls have to stay. Or at least they think they do. There’s always a choice, even when it seems there is none.

Onward and upward.

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