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Death touches everyone


I spoke with a relative, the one that probably thinks I’m unbalanced because of my past-life experiences. She said a former superior had just died suddenly of a heart ailment at a relatively young age. She sounded despondent at the loss of her former superior.

I think her superior is lucky that it happened so quickly, without warning. She could have taken months, even years to die of cancer, like my friend last weekend. There are arguments for having enough time to say goodbye. There are also arguments for leaving so quickly that you don’t have time to dread it, to feel much pain, or to become a burden to the people around you.

I am looking forward to a quick departure. But I thought it was interesting that death has brushed past me a few times in the last few months, and now it has touched my relative too.

Death touches everyone, eventually. Sometimes it brushes past to greet someone else. Other times it greets you with a firm, friendly grasp.

I think the ones who have completed their tasks here get to leave soonest, and quickest. Relative’s former superior obviously had completed her tasks, whatever they were.

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