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Cleaning out the Christmas card list


Darling wife taught me a nice way of keeping the Christmas card list updated: every year, put two new columns next to each name on the list, one for Sent and one for Received. Check them off as Sent as you send out cards, and check them off as Received when you receive a card back from each person. If you don’t receive a card from a person, consider striking them from the list. One missed year can be merely an accident or misrouted mail, but two years of no card means they’re off the list.

I’m striking a name that has been on the list for decades. We used to work together. Her life has gone far afield from mine, and we haven’t spoken in years. If we haven’t spoken in years, then I don’t think we’re friends anymore. And if I don’t get a Christmas card from her, then I’m sure we’re not friends anymore.

When a friend leaves, it makes room for new friends.

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