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Stage 4 brain cancer, part 6 – the end


My friend with brain cancer died yesterday. We had just said goodbye to him on Friday, just after he received a veteran’s commendation, and just before the ambulance arrived to take him to hospice. He was unresponsive, as he has been for several weeks. I think he knew we were there, though. He twitched a bit as we spoke to him and said our goodbyes.

His wife gave me his ceremonial sword that he’d earned in the Marines, many decades ago. She told me that I was probably the only person he knew who would appreciate it. I do. It is flawless, without a trace of rust to mark the passing years. And I will remember him when I wield it.

He spent less than a day in hospice. Unconscious though he was, I think he was aware that he had left home for the final time, and he knew there was no point in hanging on any longer. So he left.

I’m glad for him. He suffered for a long time. He’s not suffering anymore.

I will miss him.

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