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A man contemplating a weapon


I was talking with a man today, a man who has a lot of responsibility and a lot of stress, yet he is also a milquetoast of a man; a soft, corporate type.

He said he had never owned a weapon before, and he had been threatened by armed criminals years ago and had, until now, been afraid of weapons. But he’s reached a certain point in his life where he feels that he needs to carry one. Yet his inhibitions hold him back.

“I’m worried about my temper,” he said. “I’m afraid that I’ll use it.”

It’s a personal choice to carry a weapon, I said. You have to be willing to use it without hesitation, yet still remain aware at all times that it’s a lethal responsibility to yourself and to those around you. You cannot simply draw your weapon because you are angry, frustrated, or annoyed. If someone is irritating you, taunting you, frustrating you, that is not a reason. If someone is threatening your life, that is a reason. If you draw it, you had better be prepared to kill someone. Short of that, don’t even think about touching it.

I don’t know that he will follow through on carrying a weapon. I doubt it. But it’s interesting to watch him contemplate it.

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