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The annual boat parade


We attended the annual boat parade. As LED lighting becomes more prevalent, more boats can mount larger displays, with few of the power failures of yesteryear. To change things up, I decided not to take pictures this year, and to instead “live in the moment.”

Living in the moment is overrated.

The highlight of the night was the large 15-meter sailboat which featured a G-gauge train track running around the gunwale, bearing The Polar Express locomotive with several passenger cars in tow. The train was lit up with bright blue streamers of light running down the sides of the locomotive and the cars. Not being a fan of “The Polar Express” book or movie, I didn’t recognize what it was until someone else pointed it out. The captain of the boat was dressed as a train conductor, waving a railroad lantern. That also gave me a clue. The boat was beautiful.

Another boat, a powerboat this time, was dressed up as a locomotive, chugging smoke from its smokestack. It was so complete that we couldn’t recognize the boat under it. It looked like a locomotive rolling across the water.

We had to get there hours early to save our spots on the waterside, so we brought the new Catchphrase Decades electronic game, which we had gone to great lengths to obtain (it being sold out almost everywhere). It’s very fun, but quite difficult, especially if you weren’t paying attention to cultural memes in a particular decade. The people next to us overheard us playing, and began shouting out the answers along with us. They cheated though, looking up some of the answers on their phones. It was great fun though.


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