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The sex education conference


I was surprised to see a conference going on at my hotel, at night. The sessions opened at 8 PM and ended past midnight. It was a conference for sex educators. I thought it was very odd.

I saw some well-dressed middle-aged men who must have been the ringleaders. Most of the attendees seemed to be women in their 20s and 30s. Most of them were plump and unattractive by human standards. Some were androgynous or overly masculine, presumably lesbians. There were some young men, again androgynous. One had bobby pins in his otherwise-short hair. I don’t think I’ve seen bobby pins in decades. And I’ve never seen a man wear them. If it was a man. It had rather a lot of facial hair for a woman.

I’m just surprised that there would be a convention for sex educators. It doesn’t seem like it would be a profession where there would be enough critical mass of people to even have a convention. But there it was.

I’m not sure what kind of mindset it would require for someone to specialize in being a sex educator. From my observations tonight, it would seem to be someone who isn’t physically attractive, or someone who is uncomfortable with their assigned gender. Then again, perhaps their morphology and their choice of dress is intentional, to minimize people’s perception of them as sexual creatures, so that they can discuss sex in a non-intimate way.

It’s not a profession I would be interested in. Nor a conference that I would want to attend.

  1. Sweety Pie permalink
    2014-12-04T00:11:42-05:00 00:11

    They may have been transgender. That’s a different ball game.


    • 2014-12-09T23:06:24-05:00 23:06

      Yes, I was as confused as no doubt they were. Ha, “ball game.” I just figured that out.


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