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The worst Monday ever


I used to dread Mondays. Now I look forward to them, because the week is young, and there’s plenty of time to get everything done. I hate Thursdays because I’m always in a rush to get things done before I leave for the week. (Fridays are for yardwork and housework.)

This past Monday was the worst, for someone. A co-worker came in from the parking garage and said that a car was on fire. It burned most of the car and parts of nearby cars before the fire department arrived and put it out. As far as I know, the gas tank did not explode, but the smoke permeated the area around the office building for hours. Everyone on that level of the garage was ordered to go move their car somewhere else (easy, since the top deck is always empty).

We never found out whose car it was. It wasn’t mine – I walk here.

Now I have a new gold standard for a rotten Monday. I hope I never experience it.

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