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We broke the garbage truck


In the jungle, plants grow fast. If you don’t keep hacking the jungle back on a regular basis, it will swallow your house.

We hack the jungle back on a regular basis, with unmitigated ferocity. Luckily, we have an excellent garbage service, paid for with our sizable taxes. They take everything and anything, even extremely hazardous waste (though you have to take it to them; they won’t pick it up).

The garbagemen like our house because for yard waste, they get paid by the kilogram. And we always have between 50 and 300 kilos for them to take.

This past week was unusual, though. We had so much yard waste, the garbage truck broke. The hydraulic ram which packs the garbage tightly into the body of the truck began grinding and clanking under the load we had provided. The workers began yelling at each other while the clanking continued. Clearly it had stripped a gear or two, and was unable to hold any more material.

The yelling eventually stopped, and they drove away, leaving a larger pile of scraps than usual – the material they couldn’t take because the truck had broken.

Oh well, our taxes pay for the truck repairs also.

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