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Don’t sweat the petty things


Part of the “joy” of a traveling job is the travel, and the expenses associated with traveling. I use “joy” in quotes, because expenses are a pain. Especially when a paper-pusher complains about how you’ve recorded your expenses. Especially when you are required to record expenses in two completely separate systems, and the amounts must match. But if the paper-pusher who manages one system complains about a charge, it can’t be changed in the other system because that’s managed by someone else. So then there’s an irreconcilable difference.

The paper-pusher and her superior instructed me to do things a certain way in both systems. One system, they control. The other system, they don’t. Those instructions are now in conflict, as are the two systems.

Because I don’t like conflict, I’ve decided I’m going to do things my way, in a manner that makes it simplest for me. That means violating the instructions they gave me. But if the paper-pusher and her superior don’t like it, there’s really not a lot they can do about it. And I simply won’t say anything about it. Like as not, they won’t even notice.

I’m not sweating the petty things. And expenses are definitely petty.

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  1. NaviWilliams permalink
    2014-11-06T18:49:13+00:00 18:49

    I’m sitting here cracking up! Let us know how it goes the next time you submit expenses…


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