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“Manhattan Love Story”


I have been watching “Manhattan Love Story” because I like the plot device of being able to hear the characters’ thoughts. It’s always fun to hear what people say versus what they think. And I like Analeigh Tipton (who was a contestant on “America’s Next Top Model” in 2008) and smartass Chloe Wepper. The dialogue is witty enough to keep me from falling asleep, which is more than I can say for most television.

Needless to say, “Manhattan Love Story” has been cancelled due to poor ratings. Pretty much every television show I like gets cancelled. It’s so reliable that it’s hard not to presume some sort of causal relationship. Perhaps the networks should pay me not to watch shows that they want to succeed.

Anyway, I noticed that the show is made by Burrow Owl Productions, because of the logo during the end credits of every episode. Although my research turned up nothing, presumably the founders of Burrow Owl Productions are fans of The Dead Milkmen, because their song “Stuart” features a burrowing owl, and Burrow Owl Productions was founded nearly 20 years ago, when The Dead Milkmen were young and more popular than today.


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