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Muse, “Madness”


Stuck in my heads today. You must suffer too. I like the monotone “ma ma ma ma ma ma ma ma mad mad mad” motif that mirrors the synth bass line.

The electric touchscreen guitar shown in the video is a Misa Kitara digital guitar with its own onboard synthesizer tone generator. It was produced only from 2011 to 2013, and was phased out largely because guitarists didn’t like it and keyboardists didn’t need it. Now Misa makes the Tri-Bass, which is a guitar-shaped MIDI controller without any onboard tone generation capability. I’m not sure how that makes the concept any better, except that at $800 USD it costs less than the Kitara did.

I like the slow motion dance interpretation of a riot in the subway, with the man and the woman largely unaffected by the violence around them, yet that violence mirrors the conflict inherent in their own relationship. Or so I think.

You can only read so much into it.

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