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Does your home have stairs?


An acquaintance was telling me about her mother moving in with her. Her mother never liked her, was always rude to her, has always been a thorn in her side. And now her mother is getting old enough that she cannot live alone. So her mother moved back in with her.

The acquaintance is afraid of her mother. Her mother says nasty things, threatens her, and basically can’t be trusted in the house – she suffers from dementia, so her mood may change abruptly. She may forget what she was doing in the kitchen and set the house on fire. She may think my acquaintance is an intruder in her own home, and attack her.

The acquaintance is concerned for her own safety, and for the safety of her property. She wants to force her mother to move out, into assisted living, but so far has not been able to accomplish that.

“Does your home have stairs?” I asked, innocently.

Darling wife, who was listening, burst out laughing. She knew where I was going with that question. The acquaintance found it amusing too, especially when I suggested that she might have to tell the paramedics that her mother fell down the stairs – twice.

Sadly, her home does not have stairs. But every home has pillows. Or cling wrap. Or water spilled (accidentally, of course) on a slick tile floor.

So many dangers. Anything could happen.

  1. Sweety Pie permalink
    2014-10-07T11:06:38-04:00 11:06

    I don’t remember which Michael J. Fox movie it was, but his character’s girlfriend wanted him to get rid of her mother (or father – I don’t remember as it has been a while). Either way, they were at the dinner table and Michael offered the targeted parent: “more salt?”. I always loved that bit.


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