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Muslim beheading in Oklahoma is “workplace violence”


black career criminal in Oklahoma, Alex Nolen, converted to Islam in prison, got out of prison, got a job at a Vaughn Foods processing plant in Moore, Oklahoma, got fired, and then returned to the plant and beheaded a stranger and stabbed another before the plant’s CEO (a part-time deputy sheriff) shot and wounded him. (Another data point about guns that reality-proof liberals will be sure to ignore.)

Nolen, who calls himself Jah’Keem Yisrael on his Facebook page, ranted in support of militant Islam on Facebook, attended a mosque led by an imam who preached terrorism and who had ties to Al-Qaeda, and ultimately cut off an innocent stranger’s head because of his Muslim beliefs.

What’s worse is that the local police have called in the FBI to investigate. This is the same FBI which, under President Obama, has been ordered to suppress and ignore any evidence about militant Islam in crimes. That’s why they insist on calling it “workplace violence” instead of “terrorism.” Because liberals in the government have ordered the FBI to be willfully blind to the facts.

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