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Working in a flexsuite is strange


I’m working in a “flexsuite,” which is a type of flexible office space where the suite occupies part of a floor in a skyscraper, and the space consists of a long hallway where every office is individually lockable and is rented out to different customers. There’s a front desk that’s staffed by the rental company, and they can take calls identifying themselves with your company name. There’s a central waiting area with comfy chairs and television monitors playing business channels. There’s a break area with vending machines and coffee. There’s a copier/printer that you can use if you pay for the code. There are meeting rooms along the hallway that you can rent by the day or by the hour.

It’s very strange. Because every office in the suite is rented by a different person or business, no one knows each other. You may meet the same person at the coffee machine in the morning two days in a row, but you have no idea who they are, and you may never see them again after this week. And if you leave your office, you’re wise to lock the door behind you.

I’m used to working for companies who rent or own the entire floor, or the entire building, or the entire campus of buildings. I’m also used to working in portable trailers or underground bunkers. But in every case, everyone around you works for the same company, and often they work for the same team on the same project. It’s a level of camaraderie that I’ve gotten used to, over decades. Even though I change teams often, I’m used to seeing the same people every day and working closely with them on the same tasks.

Not this time.

It’s unnerving.

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