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They keep inviting me, I keep declining


My current co-workers are a nice bunch. They keep inviting me to lunch or dinner. Once every week or two I accept an invitation, but mostly I politely decline them.

Part of it is that I already stocked up all my fuel for the week. I don’t need to go out and eat things when I already have my stockpile at my desk or in my hotel room.

Part of it is that I don’t enjoy small talk. I can be social and interactive at work, and it’s easy, because it’s work. I usually try to stick to work-related topics, of course. But out to lunch or in the evening at dinner, it’s more difficult for me to socialize. I can do it just fine, but it’s just more effort. Perhaps it’s because I look at that time as “my time” versus “work time.” On my time, I like to be alone. Being around people is an effort. They drain energy from me.

It’s nice of them to invite me to go places. I appreciate it. And I try to accept and be social, as much as I can (which isn’t much). I feel guilty when I decline. I’ve been on plenty of projects where the team ignores me. It’s nice to be on a project where the team is friendly.

I need to accept more invitations, or they will stop inviting me.

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