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There’s a reason why she’s still single


I was link-hopping and ran across this self-centered soliloquy from a youngish single woman, which reminded me why I always avoid human females under 30. Quite a lot of them are stupid, and even more of them are self-centered, entitled nitwits like that one. There’s really no fixing them without inflicting a lot of pain and suffering and loneliness to build the character they so sorely lack. Maybe they’ll correct their numerous deficiencies and find a mate. Most likely they won’t. Not my problem either way.

I was lucky to find darling wife, but then, she’s an alien too, so that overcame many obstacles right away.

  1. Sweety Pie permalink
    2014-09-28T19:22:52-04:00 19:22

    Thank goodness I’m over 30!


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