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Facebook is SOOOO creepy


I shut off a Facebook account several years ago. I didn’t like having my data “mined” and sold to advertisers so they could harass me more efficiently. Plus Facebook is the medium for tens of thousands of crimes every year ranging from theft to bullying to rape to murder. For example, more than 12,300 Facebook-enabled crimes were logged in Britain in 2011. I don’t need to be part of those statistics.

I miskeyed a user ID recently and somehow wound up on Facebook, in a still-existing-and-now-just-reactivated account. I was appalled at my stupidity, and at the fact that the account was still there, several years after I had shut it off. I deactivated it again, immediately. But it reminded me of the truism that “the Internet never forgets.” Especially Facebook.

Facebook can’t die quickly enough for me. Nor can Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook’s inventor and liberal Jewish billionaire who funds stupid ideas like unlimited H1-B visas for importing cheap IT labor, dumbing down American public education with Common Core, and gun control. Facebook’s growth is tapering off, a precursor to its inevitable decline and death. But it’s still very much alive at the moment, and it very much wants to get its tentacles into you.

Don’t let it. You’ll be sorry if you do.

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  1. Dxx Kris permalink
    2014-09-24T01:26:59-04:00 01:26

    I freakin hate that site, but Damn, but no one listens for some reason….


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