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The Journolist of the gaming world


To no one’s great surprise, not only was lamestream journalism discovered to be infested  by a not-so-secret cabal of liberal journalists who controlled the news (and who still do using similar mechanisms), it turns out that the “gaming press” of video game journalists is infested with the exact same cabal.

This reinforces the fact that whenever you hear the same point of view (often expressed in the same words) in more than one place in print, online, or on television or radio, you can be reasonably certain that that point of view was concocted and distributed by liberals who are attempting to brainwash you into “thinking correctly.” And you should therefore dismiss their message out of hand.

The same goes for news blackouts. Have you heard the latest about the IRS investigation and the Democrats’ continuing efforts to sabotage it? Or the State Department purging Benghazi documents to avoid making then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton look bad? You probably haven’t. That’s because the lamestream media agreed not to talk about those issues, because they make the current administration look incompetent at best and absolutely corrupt at worst.

Common news memes, or the complete absence of news stories you already know about, are both indicators of the presence of pervasive journalist-controlled propaganda.

Don’t trust any of them. But then, you probably already knew that.


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