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Just because I understand it doesn’t mean I agree


Dear Leader announced that he is sending 3000+ US soldiers to Africa to fight the Ebola hemorrhagic fever virus (Zaire ebolavirus). What will they do, is the question. According to Vox, a Democrat Party propaganda site, the troops will:

  • Build a supply depot for coordinating relief efforts
  • Build field hospitals for treatment of fever victims
  • Build a training site for training low-level healthcare fieldworkers
  • Distribute basic medical supplies in afflicted areas
  • Police affected areas and attempt to restrict the movement of infected persons into densely populated cities where the infection will spread more rapidly

I think it’s unwise to deploy any sizable military force in the disease-afflicted area. What happens when those soldiers are infected with the virus? They can’t come home for treatment. If they do come home, they risk infecting others. So far, only a few infected medical personnel have been brought back to the US, where they are treated in quarantine. I’m not sure any of them have been released yet. Quarantining a large number of infected soldiers is difficult though not impossible, but it is better done in Africa than in the US, to minimize the spread of the disease. But the fact remains, why risk such a large number of personnel?

I think Dear Leader is using the current Ebola outbreak for two things:

  • As a training exercise for dealing with the inevitable eventual biological outbreak of a similar nature in the United States (whether it’s caused by nature or by terrorism)
  • As a method of distracting voters from his administration’s many failures and scandals, with the midterm elections only 47 days away, in which Democrats expect to suffer heavy losses

I understand the reasons for sending troops. But I don’t agree with them.

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