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Muslim pedophile ring in Britain goes unmentioned in US press


The US lamestream broadcast media continues to ignore the ongoing furor in Britain over the discovery and prosecution of a Muslim pedophile ring, made up primarily of Pakistani men, who raped, abused and traded around 1,400 underage children (mostly white girls) for the past 17 years in and around the city of Rotherham in northern England.

Child protection agencies and the local government refused to do anything about it because they were afraid of being labeled as racists by the Muslims. They were afraid of the “Political Correctness police.” The actual local police were uninterested in helping the abused children and pursuing the abusers because (according to the independent inquiry report) the police believed the abused children were “undesirables” and were unworthy of assistance. (A “blame the victim” mentality unfortunately is common among British police.)

Political correctness should never be acceptable, especially when it’s an argument for refusing to prosecute pedophiles. And yet Muslim men continued to rape and abuse children for 17 years in Rotherham, as they continue to do so today (according to page 1 of the report).

US networks for decades have been quick to inform the public of any Catholic priest accused of sexual abuse. They’re quick to report on any scandal of any religious nature, especially if it’s about Christians or children or both. But Muslim pedophiles abusing children? The networks say nothing. Because there’s really no way you can spin the involvement of Muslims with child abuse. It’s one thing to explain away the fact that most terrorists are Muslim by saying, “Most Muslims aren’t terrorists,” or “Islam is a peaceful religion,” but when you put “Muslim” and “pedophile” in the same sentence, it becomes difficult to separate the two.

Muslim pedophiles. If it can happen in Britain, it can happen near you. But don’t expect the media to tell you about it.

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