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The McPaper lays off 8 percent of its workforce


USA Today, also known as “The McPaper” for its child-friendly, colorful layout and its generic ubiquitous appearance across the country, laid off about 8 percent of its workforce this week as a result of declining ad sales.

USA Today deserves the layoffs and the decline in business, of course. It’s a relentless pusher of liberal (read: communist) propaganda, particularly homosexuality, abortion, gun control, racism, sexism and global warming. Every day it features prominent stories geared to further the “progressive” agenda. The only reason USA Today survives is because more than half of its circulation consists of hotels, which provide the paper for “free” to the hotel guests, while concealing the cost of the newspaper copies in each guest’s hotel bill. (Some actually show the charge on the hotel bill, which has attracted lawsuits.)

I look forward to the demise of USA Today, just as I look forward to the demise of The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Chicago Tribune, The Los Angeles Times, and other less-well-known wellsprings of printed liberal propaganda. They all deserve to die, because they have subverted the mission of journalism to inform the masses, and instead have turned their newspapers into propaganda outlets of which Pravda could be proud. As a profession, journalism is dying because of newspapers like USA Today. Consumers are turning to blogs and social media for their news, because news is no longer to be found in the pages of newspapers. And remember, every newspaper that’s printed and circulated is helping to kill the Earth with its enormous carbon footprint, compared to digital media.

Will the last one to leave USA Today, please turn out the lights? Got to save the planet, you know.


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