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Discovery Channel cancels “Sons of Guns” but misses an opportunity


Certain reality shows attract a specific demographic which sees itself represented by the show. “Duck Dynasty” is popular because it appeals to the 75 percent of the United States that is still rural, family-oriented and religious. “Sons of Guns” is popular (I suppose) because it appeals to gun enthusiasts, outdoorspeople, and tinkerers. I didn’t watch “Sons of Guns” myself because they were always trying to build things that you knew wouldn’t work, like a suppressed shotgun. Sort of like “Mythbusters,” but with less suspense.

Well, now that the star of “Sons of Guns,” William Hayden, has been arrested for raping his 11-year-old daughter repeatedly for more than a year, Discovery Channel has canceled the show.

I think Discovery Channel is missing an opportunity. Instead of marketing the show to its original demographic, they could market it as “liberal-friendly,” featuring popular “progressive” themes of rape, pedophilia and child abuse. (For example, see liberal idols Woody Allen or Roman Polanski.) After all, it’s all right if it feels good. That could be their tagline. “It’s all right if it feels good.” NAMBLA might sign up to advertise on the show. Of course, the show might also need to move to a Viacom channel where it might attract more liberal viewers… channels like LOGO or MTV or… wait for it… Nickelodeon. I imagine the revamped “Sons of Guns” would have only a regional appeal, though, such as the Northeast or West Coast. It also would help if there were sons on the show. Then they could play off of the show’s title, in multiple ways.

Discovery’s marketing manager, please call your office.

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