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In China, they would have already liquidated her


Marilyn Jean Hartman, the California woman who already has an arrest record for repeatedly getting past the Thousands Standing Around and stowing away on airliners, has been arrested once again, this time at Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport. She was already kicked out of Sky Harbor last week after attempting to get past a security checkpoint, and yesterday she was arrested for loitering at Sky Harbor baggage claim without a valid ticket. 

Clearly she is mentally ill, and that’s why the Phoenix police have requested a mental health evaluation for her. But mentally ill or not, she is a threat to public safety. And extraordinarily good at proving that the TSA is useless. 

In China, they would have already liquidated her because she is a threat to the state, regardless of her illness. In America, of course, she’ll be a poster child for the mentally ill, awarded special treatment for her very public display of her illness. And she’ll keep stowing away on airplanes, and she’ll keep getting arrested, and she’ll consume thousands of hours and millions of dollars of other people’s time and effort in dealing with her and her problems.

I think the Chinese way is better. 

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