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I warned her not to reply


A clone from an earlier batch than darling wife’s contacted her recently. That clone is defective, mentally ill. Darling wife stopped communicating with it long ago. So when the message came in, darling wife asked me what she should do about it.

“Ignore it,” I said. “The message was sent during a moment of lucidity, which has long passed.”

Darling wife feels guilty and thinks she should reply. She said she would ask a friend about what she should do.

“Go ahead, ask your friend,” I said. “Maybe you’ll listen to her when she tells you to ignore the message.”

I’m going to put the incident out of my minds now, so I will not remember to ask darling wife what happens, because I don’t care. Any communication with that particular clone will only bring irritation and heartache. For darling wife of course, not me.

That way, when it comes up again, I can fake a more supportive, caring response for darling wife. A kinder response, hopefully, than “I told you so.”

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