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More guns, less crime in Chicago, part 3


So, after Illinois was forced to start issuing concealed-carry permits this year (becoming the last of the 50 states to do so), crime has dropped, especially in Chicago, as I predicted. With almost 70,000 CCW licenses issued already in Illinois, Chicago crime is down in several ways:

This, after Illinois Democrats predicted a Wild West-style bloodbath on the streets of Chicago after concealed carry became legal. And of course, as everywhere else where concealed carry has been passed, that never happened. Things got calmer. Quieter. Safer.

The most obvious answer, which liberals cannot and will not admit, is that more guns in the hands of law-abiding citizens means that criminals will be less likely to attack anyone, because they don’t know who is armed. This is called the “halo effect,” where unarmed people benefit from others around them being armed.

Buy a gun today. Learn how to use it. Be willing to use it. Because your life should be worth more than the life of someone who attacks you.


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