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Henry Rollins is right about Robin Williams


Rock musician Henry Rollins is catching flak from whiners about Rollins’ comments on comedian Robin Williams’ suicide. But I think Rollins is absolutely right, for once. 

  1. Sweetie pie permalink
    2014-08-22T10:56:58+00:00 10:56

    I have to say I felt somewhat the same. Not about the “How good he was” or “How rich he was” as that is just a proven fact. But the “How he did it” is what got to me. I know he would have received support. There has to have had something more that we just don’t know about.


    • 2014-08-27T08:51:47+00:00 08:51

      Well, even if he was depressed over his coming debilitation from Parkinson’s disease, it’s treatable and people can live with it successfully, like Michael J. Fox, so there’s less reason to commit suicide over Parkinson’s today than there was in past decades. Williams’ suicide reminded me of Ernest Hemingway’s suicide (though Williams’ was less messy). Hemingway couldn’t deal with the fact that he was getting old and weak. Perhaps Williams couldn’t either.


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