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Got the pool running again


Months ago, we turned off our lap pool and drained it so that it could be repaired. One of the ozone jets had started leaking because it hadn’t been installed properly. So the repairman pulled out the old jet and put in the new one with a load of silicone adhesive. Now it doesn’t leak. 

But, living in the jungle does not mean that water is plentiful. Our area is a desert microclimate, so we cannot just fill a swimming pool from the tap in one afternoon. Usually we rely on rainwater, but it was the wrong time of year to get that much rain. So we had to fill it incrementally, a few hundred gallons at a time. 

Finally it was full, and we turned it on yesterday. It works fine. No leaks. 

But it is very dirty. I’ve washed out the filters six times in two days. And it’s still not completely clean. A light orange slime covers the walls. We’ll have to scrub it out as we work on balancing the chemistry. 

Darling wife is happy to get the pool running again. I don’t really care. But if she’s happy, I’m happy. 

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