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“Perception” references “Star Trek”


I burst out laughing recently during “Perception” season 3 episode 8 (“Prologue“). The episode deals with a serial killer who is murdering psychiatric patients because he thinks they are dangerous and violent and that they’re better off dead. In the episode, the killer drives a Jeep Cherokee with the license plate “NCC 1764.” 

NCC-1764 was the U.S.S. Defiant, featured on “Star Trek: The Original Series” in season 3 episode 9 (1968), “The Tholian Web.” In it, Captain Kirk and the Enterprise crew find the derelict Defiant and its dead crew caught in an interdimensional rift, while the Tholians, an alien race, try to capture the Enterprise in an energy net. The Enterprise crew discover that the interdimensional rift which is consuming the Defiant causes people to go mad and kill each other, which is what happened to the Defiant’s crew. 

The Defiant was referenced again in the Star Trek: Enterprise” series, in season 4 episode 19 (2005), “In a Mirror, Darkly (Part 2)“, where the crew of the Enterprise (NX-01) are trapped on the Defiant in the mirror universe that was discovered in “Star Trek: The Original Series” season 2 episode 10 (1967), “Mirror, Mirror“. 

The name and serial number of the Defiant conjures up images of madness, violence and death, all of which are routine on “Perception.” That’s what makes the reference so funny.  

One of the main writers on “Perception” is Michael Sussman, who worked on both “Star Trek: Enterprise” and “Star Trek: Voyager.” Kenneth Biller is the executive producer on “Perception,” and he worked with Sussman on “Star Trek: Voyager.” We have these two people to thank for their Star Trek references in “Perception.” I know I’m not the only one who enjoys them. 

Both “Star Trek: The Original Series” and “Star Trek: Enterprise” are available on Hulu Plus. 

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