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Three cheers for the IDF


Three weeks ago, after Hamas began another round of rocket attacks from the Gaza Strip into Israel, Israel began Operation Protective Edge. Initially designed to stop the rocket attacks and to destroy the numerous tunnels Hamas has dug from Gaza into Israel, the operation is expanding to destroy Hamas and any infrastructure Hamas can use to attack Israel.

I think that should have been done a long time ago. For years, Israel has been content to “mow the lawn” to kill Hamas terrorists whenever they start a new round of launching rockets and kidnapping and murdering Israelis. It’s time to step up the game. Remember, the United Nations created Israel with Resolution 181 in November 1947 (the “Partition Resolution”), which divided up Britain’s Palestine territory into Jewish and Arab states. The resolution passed 33-13, with 10 abstentions (including the United Kingdom) and all of the Arab countries opposed. The 1947-48 Civil War erupted immediately after the UN resolution was passed, and the civil war segued into the 1948 War of Independence after Israel declared itself a state on May 14, 1948.

So, the current hostilities are nothing new. It’s been going on a very long time, longer than most people on this planet have been alive. Neither side will yield unless they are totally destroyed. Hamas’ charter calls for jihad against and the destruction of Israel. Since Israel has the might, and its very survival depends on winning, it is in Israel’s best interest to utterly destroy Hamas. Hamas uses women and children as shields, and uses schools and hospitals and mosques as storage and launching sites for its attacks on Israel. Hamas doesn’t care how many Palestinian civilians die in the fight – they are cannon fodder for Hamas’ ambitions to create a global Islamic Caliphate. When you see people whining on television about Palestinian civilian casualties, remember that Hamas ordered them to stay in the line of fire. In many ways, the Palestinian civilians are more afraid of Hamas than they are of the Israelis. Remember that Hamas was elected in a democratic vote in the Gaza Strip in 2006, whereupon Hamas murdered its Fatah opponents, often by throwing them off of buildings. Hamas then set up its current military dictatorship, and has not held elections since.

Judging from Israel’s winning streak in multiple wars since 1947, history is not on Hamas’ side. Three cheers for the IDF!

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