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Dinner with a cipher


Darling wife asked an acquaintance to go shopping. They went yesterday. The acquaintance said nothing for most of the five hours they were together, except when they arrived at the first stop and the acquaintance said, “I don’t like shopping with people.” So they split up and only met up when it was time to go to another stop.

It was an excruciating day, said darling wife. She was perturbed that the acquaintance would agree to go shopping. I suggested that the acquaintance merely wanted a free ride. That seemed to fit her behavior, said darling wife.

I met them for dinner when they were finished shopping. Acquaintance was reasonably conversational, though she was unable to talk about anything substantive (she is a devout liberal, and not very intelligent or informed). Still, it was a reasonable hour together.

Darling wife said that was the only tolerable hour she had spent with the acquaintance all day, because I was there. Darling wife is never going to ask the acquaintance to go shopping again. That means I don’t have to have dinner with the acquaintance again.

So it’s a win for both of us.

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