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The Russian army shot down MH17


You can mute Dear Leader’s blathering in the video, if it plays. But now there will be a United Nations “investigation” into the downing of Malaysian Airlines Flight 17. You can expect that to be just as fruitless and unproductive as most UN-sponsored things are. 

It’s not a mystery who pulled the trigger on MH17, if you look at what shot it down. The “Buk” missile system is the SA-11 mobile SAM launcher, which was later upgraded to the SA-17. A nasty thing, very effective against aircraft, especially slow-moving, unarmed commercial aircraft. The “Buk” is not something that average gun-toting “rebels” can operate. This system requires the money and might of a major military power, and a crew of highly-trained personnel, to field it and operate it. Most of the “rebels” in eastern Ukraine are in fact Russian Special Forces army personnel. Those are the kind of people who would possess such a missile system and who would know how to operate it. 

Vladimir Putin, of course, wants to blame Ukraine for the destruction of MH17. He wants the Russian media to make people think the Ukrainians mistook MH17 for Putin’s own private aircraft and destroyed it in an attempt to kill Putin. But that doesn’t hold water when the Russians are trying to hide the missile launcher

So, it’s already fairly obvious to educated minds that the Russian military shot down MH17. The only reason Russia agreed to the UN probe is that as a member of the UN, Russia is in a good position to misdirect the probe. 

And in the end, what will the UN do about MH17? The usual. Absolutely nothing. 

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