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The ice bucket


In the 1950s, stamped and hammered aluminum tableware and utensils were all the rage. Many were given as wedding gifts. Now, six decades later, that cohort of the population is dying off, and their aluminum tableware is winding up in the thrift stores, where we buy it. We have a nice collection now. 

Darling wife found a nice hammered aluminum ice bucket the other day. She brought it to me, turning it over and over in her tentacles, scrutinizing it closely, deep in thought. I read her minds, as usual. 

“It would make a nice burial urn, wouldn’t it?” I asked her. She beamed and said “Yes!” So we bought it. 

I’m not sure who will wind up in it. But there’s plenty of space for engraving, if we want. It will look nice on the shelf. 

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  1. Sweety Pie permalink
    2014-07-17T11:11:45+00:00 11:11

    Just make sure you are not the target.


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