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CDC assessment shows only 1.6 percent of population is homosexual


The 2013 National Health Interview Survey just released by the Centers for Disease Control showed that out of a sample of nearly 35,000 adults, only 1.6 percent identified themselves as homosexual. Compare that to a Gallup poll in 2011 which showed that, thanks to gay propaganda in the media and in public schools, the average moron thinks that 25-30 percent of the population is homosexual. 

Remember that, the next time you see a homosexual character on television or hear pro-gay propaganda in the news. Homosexuals are much rarer than they would like you to believe. The only power they wield is through the media and through government enforcement of their status as a protected class. Neither of which translates well into reality. 

  1. Sweety Pie permalink
    2014-07-17T11:12:26-04:00 11:12

    Did they survey Mexico?


    • 2014-07-18T09:16:44-04:00 09:16

      True, the most macho men are the ones who are hiding something. I had better put my soup-plate-sized belt buckles away.


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