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Stage 4 brain cancer, part 2


I went and saw my friend who is dying of stage 4 brain cancer. It’s spread throughout his body – it is riddled with tumors. But radiation seems to be helping, as are the nasty chemotherapy pills he is taking. The pills are so toxic that people who handle him cannot touch the pills with their bare skin. But the pills seem to be helping him.

He looks much better than I thought he would, and I told him so. He seemed to appreciate it.

We spent a long time together until I could tell he was tired.

As I left, I thought that it might be the last time I see him. But then, I thought that the last time I saw him, and the time before that. Every time you see someone might be the last time. The thought used to bother me; now it doesn’t.

As long as you part on friendly terms, the last time you see each other will be a happy memory.

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